1996-2004 Toyota Tacoma EZ Lift Hood Struts

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1996-2004 Toyota Tacoma EZ Lift Hood Strut System 

Check out my YouTube video of installing this HERE!

Are you tired of that pesky OEM hood prop rod, or is it completely missing? Here is your solution!! The EZ Lift hood strut system!!
This is a game changer for your truck! No more working around the terribly placed OEM prop rod. No more looking through the scrap bin for a piece of all-thread to hold up the hood!

With the EZ Lift hood struts, you simply pop the hood and the hood opens on its own!! The struts are mounted towards the rear of the engine bay, out of the way when you are under the hood!!

Another added benefit, this kit raises the hood height by 7"! This makes working under the hood much nicer, it also lets in more natural light!!

Very simple to install! This kit installs in under 30 minutes using basic tools! 

Want even more light under the hood? Check out my engine bay lights!! This engine bay light kit will change you forever! The ultra bright LED turns on when you open the hood, and turns off when you close it! Now you don't have to constantly yell at your kids because they are holding the flashlight wrong!!! You can check these kits out HERE!

Customer Reviews

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Jake Parker
Should have bought them sooner!

Great upgrade!

Rick Retterer
No more headaches-I love it

I ordered the struts only as I already have I light kit for it. About 5 days later it arrived. I installed it that very next weekend. Installation was a snap. Took me about 30 minutes ( I took my time with the install). It works perfectly and it clears everything. No problems with any of the hardware. Rivets broke cleanly as they are designed.

Thank you Austin for all that you do for us in the “Yoda” community!

Now if I can figure out how to Mount some gauges on my a pillar and lose the oh crap handle!!!

Best Regards,

Rick R.
Sienna, Texas

Joel Turner
Excellent product

Great addition to the Taco. Only complaint would be the pop rivets didn't break properly and I had to cut the shank flush