Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Rear Hatch EZ Lift Struts

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Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Rear EZ Lift Strut System

 Are you OEM rear hatch struts completely shot or missing? Here is your solution! 

Let's upgrade those old struts with a set of gas charged struts!! 

These come with all new mounting brackets and hardware to update the entire system! Very quick and simple to install, these new brackets use all factory threaded holes! No drilling required!!

Very smooth operating struts, these lift automatically and have plenty of force to stay up!!

Customer Reviews

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Charles Krmpotich
Fj40 hatch struts

Work as advertised, easy to install, and they open the hatch a bit higher than the stockers so I don't hit my head on the inner hatch handle anymore.

B Goetz
Very Nice

My original struts would not stay fully “UP”, and would not fully support the weight of the rear hatch / window (IE sagging) and needing to “tighten” each strut individually to get the hatch to stay “mostly” up was a pain in the ass. THAT PROBLEM IS NOW GONE!!! Pull the rear hatch handle and the hatch moves up and open on its own. No hands needed (and new struts mount to the OE mounting points, VERY NICE) Thank you.