1995.5-2004 Toyota Tacoma Rear Bumper Build Templates

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Rear bumper build plans for 1995.5-2004 Toyota Tacoma! May fit older Toyota pickups with modifications!

This rear plate bumper is designed to use the OEM frame mounts and OEM hitch!

Here is a video of how the bumper is built: 


What you will get:

  • Templates or DXF File
  • Templates are to scale (cut and trace onto your plate metal)
  • Instructions including materials list, tools list, step by step how to and 3d images
  • After sale support! Any questions you have, i will have an answer for you!!
I have made these plans very easy to follow!! With the template included, you simply cut out and trace onto your steel. This takes out hours of measuring each piece, takes out the potential user error and measuring tool error!! Its all drawn out for you, it doesn't get much easier!!