1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner Front Winch Bumper Build Templates

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Front winch bumper build plans for 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner

This beefy winch bumper will get you out of a tough spot, and look good doing it!

This bumper should fit most 10,000 LB and smaller winches! 

I have a video on my Youtube channel of building the bumper:


What you will get:

  • Templates or DXF File
  • Templates are to scale (cut and trace onto your plate steel)
  • Instructions including materials list, tools list, step by step how to and 3d images
  • After sale support! Any questions you have, i will have an answer for you!!
I have made these plans very easy to follow!! With the template included, you simply cut out and trace onto your steel. This takes out hours of measuring each piece, takes out the potential user error and measuring tool error!! Its all drawn out for you, it doesn't get much easier!!

Customer Reviews

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James Maxwell
Grandsons Project

My grandson came from out of state to work for me the summer between his junior and senior year of high school. I've been an iron fabricator since my high school days in 1976 and he wanted to come and learn about welding and fabricating with building a bumper for his 1998 4Runner at the top of his list. We studied and searched many many options and he decided he liked the AVR custom the best so we bought the DXF file, my CNC guy had it programed in and cut out in no time. We watch the YouTube video a couple times before starting the project to make sure we were both understanding the fabrication process, seven hours later we it all tacked up and looking good. I was very pleased at how all the pieces went together without any modifications and would defiantly recommend AVR products.

Hilux Surf SSRG

Hats off to Austin's ingenuity!
I purchased/ downloaded the DXF file as I am not in US hence getting the templates would be little difficult. The file was comprehensive and easy to use. Me and my fabricator had no issue what so ever during the fabrication process, everything fits perfectly bolt to bolt.
The design itself is unique and enticing compared to traditional winch/ off-road armored.
I just made slight modifications in the existing design by adding DRLs and illuminating Hilux Surf logo/ letters.
Satisfaction level.......... more then 100 percent !!!!
Thanks AVR Customs.

Jesse Olsen
Great bumper! Great Design! Great Fit!

Finish up with the bumper, looks good, awesome design, and fits perfect. The only thing I would change if i would of know. Is after I welded it up and made sure everything fit, I sent it off to get powercoated, when it came back I installed my light pods and winch. everything bolted in like it should of, but the cable/power box on the winch did not fit anywhere nicey. If I would of know, I would have built a plate for the cable/power box to mount to. I guess I still can just have to make it off the frame or the radiator shroud or something.

Josiah Beatty
01 4Runner Bumper

Awesome bumper! It took me a few days to cut, weld, and paint but it turned out great and the fit was good. Definitely double check your bolt pattern before drilling holes like he says. I’ll definitely buy the rear bumper plans when the time comes.

Arquimides Heredia
All jobs

Just two words THE BEST !!!!!!