Automatic Engine Bay LED Light Universal Kit

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Check out my YouTube video of installing this HERE!

Are you tired of yelling at your kids when they aren't holding the flashlight just right? This engine bay LED light kit is your answer!!

This 6500K LED light strip will light up the night (and your engine bay). Wired on a switch, the light turns on when you open the hood, and turns off when you close it! Also has a separate on/off switch for when the hood is open for extended periods and you don't need the light on, save your battery!

Extremely easy to install. The LED strip has a strong double sided tape strip to stick onto your hood. All you have to do is run the wire to your battery, install the automatic switch (drilling may be required) and find a convenient spot to mount the on/off switch!

This is a mostly universal kit. I have tested on multiple Toyota trucks and 4runners and it fits great! It really should fit most small- medium sized cars/ trucks and SUV's! 

Customer Reviews

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Hired Goon
Brighter than I expected.

When I saw the inky dinky strip, I didn't think it would be bright enough. This does absolutely nothing during the bright sunny day.
And then it was night time. It's plenty bright at night.

Will it replace a proper flashlight/work light? No.
Is it bright enough to see what you're doing when you're stuck on the side of the road at night? Yes, absolutely.

I am very happy with my purchase.

Ok, on to product feedback and my own experience. For context, I used to professionally build wire harnesses on rocket ships, so I'm very well versed in NASA specs and IPC-620 wire harness manufacturing,

The good:
Very good workmanship. This is much higher quality workmanship than I've seen in consumer electronics basically anywhere. Seriously, it's beautiful work. You should be proud of yourself, Austin.

The not-so-good:
The chafe braid covering is sick as hell, but it's terminated with adhesive-lined shrink tube at the very end of the wire where it meets the LED strip/fuse. This leaves a small area of wire between the shrink tube and the led strip/fuse that can flop around and wants to hard-bend. Be careful not to bend this area too roughly during handling and installation, because this could damage the conductors inside the wire and you won't even see it. What I did to mitigate this was place the included zip tie mounts directly beneath the start of the chafe braid as strain relief. These wires are now captive and cannot move around. This won't be a problem as long as you're careful and plan strain relief into your installation.

TL;DR: 5/5, would purchase again, just be careful while handling and plan strain relief into your installation.